photo of the week: pony express

Courtesy of the ever-reliable UK paper, The Guardian: a stampede of wild ponies in Hexigten, Mongolia, is captured by 62-year-old photographer Li Gang, who spends winters trailing the horses in temperatures well below freezing.  Click the image for greater detail.


a break in the wind

I am a sucker for the livestock when I’m in Ireland.  Nothing makes me happier than to be out on a hike and chance upon a field of horses, cows, or my favorite woolly friends:  the sheep.  There were no sheep in proximity on this particular visit but after walking the length of Doughmore Beach I came upon a windswept field of cows abutting the ocean.  The pair in the foreground were just inside  a field-stone wall; they looked like they were trying to catch a break from all the wind.


live blog: home on the range

Today we went out to a typical Patagonian ranch, or estancia.   This particular ranch, Estancia Fortin Chacabuco, is tucked in a geographic transition area between the arid steppe and the pre-mountain range. (The forest you saw on yesterday’s video is nearer to the Andes and so benefits from the rainfall coming off the Pacific Ocean.  Not ten miles out from the forest, the topography changes radically to arid steppe then high desert.)  The steppe features very little vegetation and spectacular panoramic veiws of Bariloche, Mount Tronador and the Rio Limay.

To better take advantage of those views, we got up on horseback to traverse the terrain.  Plus, after the video you can check out the great asado we had for lunch.


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