live blog: still nothing but juice

There’s a certain puritanical joy that comes from feeling hunger. We are so often full, or worse, overstuffed, that it takes more than a minute to wrap your mind around the conceit that perhaps the obverse of that state can be equally pleasurable. It also takes some serious convincing for the body to get on board with the reality of that bit of philosophical musing. Your calorie consumption is substantially reduced on a cleanse. So, too, is your fat and protein intake. For any reasonably active person that translates into an almost constant state of hunger. For example: last night I went to bed hungry; this morning I woke up hungry. It’s only work or being engaged in a hive of activity that distracts your mind from the constant “eat something” signal your body relays to your brain. (Writing this has suddenly turned into torture: I’m basically taking a time-out from my hunger distraction to remind myself that I’m really quite hungry.) Earlier today, when I was conveniently distracted and Zen-like about all this, I can truthfully say that I felt a distinct lightness of mind, as though my brain was hovering detached from my body, relishing the control. Coupled with a buoyant spring in my step, it felt like my whole being was enjoying this purge on some cellular level. Now that I’ve been reminded of my hunger, it’s all I can think about. I know that’s part of the process of this cleanse: listening to your body, recognizing your hunger, living with – not ignoring – it. But I don’t think I’ve evolved quite that far. Yet.


live blog: nuthin’ but juice

Like the beginning of a new diet or exercise regimen – or good adventure story – the first day of my Organic Avenue LOVE Deep cleanse is imbued with hope. LOVE is an acronym for Live Organic Vegan Experience and you can just feel the healthy goodness to come, right? Over the next three days I’ll be consuming 113 ounces of fresh-pressed vegetable juice daily and nothing else, save water. If that sounds difficult, well, it is. I did a three-day Cooler Cleanse a few months back and it proved to be a challenging test of mind over matter. I never posted about it because frankly I wasn’t sure I’d actually see it through to completion and the shame of public failure was too much for a virgin cleanser to shoulder. However, this time I’ve opted to go public and live blog my way through the experience – even though LOVE Deep looks to be substantially more hardcore than my previous cleanse.  Oh well, here we go.  First up: a breakfast shot of alfalfa grass chlorophyll.


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