June 15, 2024

And so little time.

Though there is something a little bit twee about the specialty guidebook; the one that fills a niche you never knew existed, like “Favorite Dutch Button Shops.”  I mean how many people devouring “Quiet Corners of Paris” does it take before they’re all ruined for the rest of us?  And while trekking in the footsteps of “Picasso’s Paris” might be fun for a while, how many “Boutique and Chic Hotels” does one need to investigate for a long weekend?

I am off to Paris this week – weather gods permitting – without a guidebook.  But I will confess to scribbling a few surreptitiously cribbed notes out of “Markets of Paris.”  So check back this week for the live blogging of my gastronomic (over) indulgence and, of course, plenty of food porn.

Meanwhile, wish me luck:  I’m trying to escape before this promised nor’easter dumps a foot of snow and snarls my travel plans.

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