May 21, 2024

To all those people who wonder why I love traveling so much – and why I am out and about most nights of the week and why I’ve taken up drumming and why I can read about almost anything and everything – I ask you to take a look at this story in yesterday’s Irish Independent.

Apparently you really can be bored to death, a study shows:  “People who complain of “high levels” of boredom in their lives are at double the risk of dying from from heart disease or a stroke than those who find life entertaining, researchers at University College London found.  Of more than 7,000 civil servants who were monitored over 25 years, those who said they were bored were nearly 40% more likely to have died by the end of the study than those who did not.”

I can’t remember the last time I was bored; there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  So, apologies to my cable network day job, but turn off the television for a start, people.  Life is for the alive (and youth is wasted on the young, too, since we’re tossing aphorisms about here)  But one thing’s for certain: time is running out.

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