July 19, 2024

Sailing around the outer cays of Turks & Caicos was a sublime way to spend the morning today.  The water is what I call Photoshop Blue:  the kind of color you tend to see in postcards and don’t believe actually exists.

Due to the tectonic activity in nearby Haiti as well as strong weather fronts crossing the region, I expected the waters to be churning and murky with sand.  And while the tides are much higher than normal right now, they nevertheless remain crystal clear.  So clear, in fact, that my captain was able to forage us the freshest possible lunch:  conch; which made for a killer ceviche that was enjoyed with a couple of beers.

Almost as good was lounging on the powdery stretch of beach.  Apparently this strip of Fort George Cay didn’t even exist a couple of days ago; it was washed into existence by the tide.  As a result of that evolving birth, it’s also strewn with starfish, coral and live sand dollars.  Rinsing the morning’s collection in a bowl of water made me imagine the most interesting kind of bouillabaisse!

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