May 18, 2024

One of the multifarious joys of Ireland is the extreme quantity and quality of chocolate candy available in bar form. To my mind Cadbury has a virtual lock on most of the good ones, like Wispa, Flake, Twirl, and the best-selling Dairy Milk. Yet Nestle has Quality Street, the individually wrapped chocolate and toffee bon-bons that come packed in a box or tin. (Good luck finding a house in Ireland that doesn’t have such a tin in the cupboard.) Everyone has their favorites but mine are the coconut eclair tied up in bright blue foil and the “Purple One,” which comes wrapped in – wait for it – purple foil and once featured an entire Brazil nut drowning in caramel and covered in chocolate but has since been downgraded to a more manageable hazelnut. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s still good – just not exactly the same.) Well, lo and behold, you clever Candy Man: the company recently figured out they could extend their brand reach by turning the roster of bite-size candies into adult-sized bars. First out of the gate and into my mouth is the Purple One.

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