April 16, 2024


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ATLANTIC CITY:  I know this is not the picture one expects to see when thinking about the East Coast version of Sin City.  Yet for me, the expanse of water – virtually ignored by everyone else – is the chief attraction in the off season. Well, that and the seedy Monopoly streets like Atlantic and Pacific, where alternating storefronts promise you live bare breasts and a good price for your gold jewelry.

ou est la rue

PARIS:  Who doesn’t like to get a random call like the one I got earlier in the year:  “Hey Michael, I have a spare ticket to Paris.  Why don’t you go?”   Honestly, that’s like asking a diabetic if they want a big bar of chocolate.  Of course I went;  spending a long weekend (without a map!) in the city that never fails to let me in on a secret each time I visit.  And speaking of surprises, I stayed in the 8th at a sleek, chic – get this – Hilton; the Hilton Arc de Triomphe, which sails with the style and grace of a vintage Art Deco cruise ship.  I told you: Paris never fails to astonish me.

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