May 21, 2024


montauk lighthouse

MONTAUK:  April is indeed the cruellest month. (“mixing memory with desire…” thank you, T.S. Eliot)  And also a light one for travel this year.  However, I fulfilled a childhood wish by getting out to Gurney’s Inn and Spa in Montauk.  Now you need to understand that growing up on the east end of Long Island, the ads for Gurney’s that ran in the NY Times Magazine and Newsday were a touchstone for me.  They exuded a carefree, sun-bleached elegance that epitomized (to me) an aspirational moneyed style to which I’d like to become accustomed.  Little did I know deceptive they were!  I’m not one to trash talk – though the idea has crossed my mind many times – but let’s just say that no place could effectively live up to the fantasy I had built up in my mind.  And despite a breathtakingly isolated stretch of beach on the tip of Long Island, Gurney’s proved no exception.

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