July 21, 2024


Well, this is it, folks.  The year in review comes to a close.  But before I sign off on this little stroll down amnesia lane, there’s one last month to go.



NEW PALTZ:  A hiking weekend at Mohonk Mountain House proved to be the ideal “last trip” of 2009.  The Victorian manor house was decked out in style to celebrate 140 years of welcoming guests to the Shawangunk Mountains as well as gearing up for the coming Christmas holiday.  As the fates allowed, my hike was also greeted with a light snow which grew steadily heavier as the afternoon progressed.  By the time I made it back to the house – wet and cold – everything was blanketed in a thick carpet of soft, wet snow.  And while the extensive networks of trails and rock scrambles were pretty fantastic, the highlight happened near the end when I chanced upon a well-camouflaged group of deer furtively feeding in plain sight.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Sandager.

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