February 26, 2024

Tomme de Brebis, Barigoule pain perdu, globe artichokes, piquillo peppers and arugula coulis.

Robiola tre latti (made from both cow, goat, and ewe milks), Royal Blenheim aprocots, celery branch and toasted oats.

A most refreshing palate cleanser:  English cucumber sorbet, white verjus gelee, green grape and quinine-juniper foam.

Coconut milk sorbet, vanilla-roasted Maui Gold pineapple, medjool dates and cashew nuts.

“Coffee and doughnuts” was a humbling pre-dessert dessert.  Is there anything better than a warm, sugared beignet?  I think not.

Rhubarb and kumquat vol-au-vent, vanilla chiboust, poppy seed ice cream and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar was accented with delicate edible blossoms from the French Laundry’s garden

Peanut butter Bavarois, crunchy feuilletine, milk chocolate “whip” and Gros Michel banana sorbet

Mignardises:  lavender scented rice paper wafers on the left.  a bowl of candied macadamia nuts on the right.

Mignardises:  truffle heaven!

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