July 21, 2024

One last look at Imanta – just because architecturally I really do love how the complex integrates into the environment rather than disturbing it or being obtrusive.  From the locally quarried stone and responsibly harvested wood, to the black slate pools and minimalist interiors, it’s an obvious design (and ethos) homage to Aman Resorts, but who cares?  Conceptually the idea of high-style/low-impact is a new thing for Mexico, land of the gringo-driven, mega-resort beach hotel, so any place that can make good on the promise of sustainability deserves credit in my book.  To do so with a flash of wit or whimsy only heightens the seduction for this traveler.

By the way, Imanta is only three months old.  They’re just getting their sea legs, so to speak, but are off to a stellar start.  I’m looking forward to watching this one grow up.

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