June 17, 2024

Home to the indigenous Sami people, the region of Lapland criss-crosses the Arctic Circle, straddling the Northern extremes of  Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia.  It’s an austerely beautiful place that I’ve been lucky enough to visit in the depth of winter once before.  Now, with news of the remarkable new Treehotel, I am eager to make a return visit.

There’s not much exact news available except for the fact that two entrepreneurs got inspired by the philosophical Swedish documentary Treelover, in which three men build a tree house together and discover what “the tree” means to them as humans, both historically and culturally.

These entrepreneurs thought it would be an interesting concept to expand on the ideas in the film by creating the ultimate treehouse – with the added dimension of innovative modern design.

Surrounded by natural forests in the village of Harads in northern Sweden (pop. 600), Treehotel looks like boutique eco-design heaven – as well as the ultimate experience in undisturbed nature.  And because this is Sweden, there’s even a tree sauna.  (How they pull that one off, I would love to see for myself.)

Currently there are six individual “rooms” nestled up in the pine trees:  The Bird’s Nest, The UFO, The Blue Cone, The Cabin and The Mirror Cube, with more fanciful rooms with a view scheduled to open in 2011.  An adventure awaits!

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