June 17, 2024

Massage of a Lifetime

1320562High above Columbus Circle in Manhattan, the Mandarin Oriental has an over-the-top spa with spectacular views of Central Park. And while raising the bar for service and ambiance, it is also raising the bar on what the market will bear for a simple rubdown.

With the recent surge of affordable qi gong joints popping up all over major cities — not to mention practically every nail salon now offering to rebalance your chakras for $20 — you’d be hard-pressed to pay more than $100 bucks for an hour of qualified deep-tissue attention.

Even nearby, high-end day retreats such as Bliss and Sanctuary top out at $200 for a hot stone or lomi-lomi massage. However, in the rarified world of the Mandarin-in-the-sky, a no-frills massage will set you back about a cool $500.

Massage of As Ricky Gervais shrieks in “Extras”: “Are they having a laugh?”

Nope, not even a smirk. Moreover, in a city where time is always at a premium and results must be not only qualitative but also quantifiable, The Spa at the Mandarin takes itself very seriously.  READ MORE.