April 12, 2024

Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation, is the story of a generation of Americans who grew up during the Great Depression, went on to fight in World War II and later helped build and shape the post-war America we know today. (Coincidentally, a great quote pops up in the course of August: Osage County: “The Greatest Generation? What makes them so great?  Because they were poor and hated Nazis?  Who doesn’t hate the Nazis?!”) On the shore of San Diego Bay the spirit of the men and women who served is commemorated with a collection of U.S. military heritage art – just across the harbor from Naval Base San Diego, the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet. Located in the shadow of the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway, the artworks – including tributes to Bob Hope and a massive interpretation of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous Times Square photograph – offer an especially poignant setting in which to remember and reflect.

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