June 21, 2024

Anyone planning on driving in or around the southern Russian city of Volgograd might want to take the low road, as it were.  Europe’s longest suspension bridge, which spans 4 miles across the Volga River, didn’t fair too well in strong winds the other day.  After visibly twisting, buckling and tossing cars into the breeze, the bridge was closed.  Plagued by delays and cost overruns, the thirteen-years-in-the-making structure can shave as much as 40 miles off a trip across the river and authorities insist with a frightening degree of certainty that it will reopen next week.  You might want to watch the video below – be sure to turn up the sound to hear what a mass of buckling steel sounds like – and take the advice of a woman quoted in Tuesday’s Moscow Times:  “I will still use it as needed, but I will keep the seat belt unbuckled and won’t lock the doors.”

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