three little ounces

Is there anything more annoying than having to leave your trusted face wash/moisturizer/body lotion at home because the bottle’s too big to get past the bloodhounds at airport security? (and you promised yourself you’d never ever ever check another bag only to see it get lost again.)

Well, actually I can think of one:  emptying out pilfered hotel toiletries and trying to refill them with hair gel or my new favorite shampoo.

That’s why I’m glad to learn of a pair of entrepreneurial road warriors named Alexi and Kate who were equally as frustrated as myself.  Only they chose to do something about it and created, a new website for those who travel, those who are curious, and those who just can’t seem commit. (I, on the other hand, did nothing.)

As you might have guessed, 3 ounces is the limit for bringing liquids onboard a flight.  But what you might not have guessed is just how good the pint-sized goods are on this website:  Ole Henriksen, Molton Brown, Nickel, Malin + Goetz,  Dr. Hauschka and Art of Shaving are just a few of the lines to choose from – so you can finally lay to rest the nightmare of suffering through that trial-size DEP hair gel from the Duane Reade.  Shop a la carte to mix & match out of different product lines.  Or go for one of the kits, which target everything from face to teeth to sun, as well as giving you the full immersion in one particular brand.


travelling green

Anyone interested in greening their travel – and aren’t we all? – should check out RezHub, a new website that offers an easy way to find green hotels (with ratings), carbon offset programs, hybrid rental cars, as well as a host of resources to help you minimize your footprint without sacrificing style, comfort, or adversely impacting your wallet.  As a bonus, all proceeds made from online bookings today will be donated back to a local food bank – giving you the perfect excuse to book your next trip while patting yourself on the back for it.  Twice.


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