setting up camp

I’m in a room with the most amazing river views.  Or to be more specific, a tent.  But don’t be fooled; I’m far from roughing it. Here at Sala’s Camp they call it glamping with good reason – which suits me just fine.


pop-up pavilion

Remember when Fashion Week used to take over Bryant Park with a big white tent?  It may have been a statement of sorts but it was a crap aesthetic that seemed only to magnify how out of touch with their surroundings the fashion world had become.  So I was pleasantly surprised this weekend to chance upon the tents at their new temporary home in Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park.  Make no mistake, the tent is still there – but it’s discretely hidden behind a faux-travertine facade cleverly designed to mimic the ubiquitous stone that gives the plaza its distinctive look.  It ranks as the coolest pop-up pavilion to hit New York since 2008, when Zaha Hadid’s Chanel spaceship landed in Central Park. I wonder what it portends for this year’s catwalk under the big top?


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