from the archives: beachfront bliss

alg-grace-bay-beach-jpgThe most developed of the 40-strong chain of islands that constitutes Turks and Caicos, Providenciales – or Provo, as the locals call it – is no mere gateway, but a destination unto itself. Pristine nature and crystal blue waters coexist easily alongside chic hotels and elaborate spas. And since Provo is also a nonstop flight from New York, the powdery Turks and Caicos beaches are a lot closer than you’d imagine. READ MORE


it’s electrifying

The landscape in and around The Lightning Field is a varied mix of desert scrub, powdery soft – almost pulverized, really -  sand, and hard-baked patches of petrified earth. Spidery sections of cracked soil appear at random and seem so alien that it leaves me to wonder if lightning has at times avoided the lightning rods altogether, striking the ground instead – or if it’s some by-product of electrical strikes hitting the rods and the resultant run-off cooking the soil into unrecognizable – from my perspective – geometric patterns, like fractals.


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