ship bottom, nj: beach burger heaven

Don’t even think of heading back to the mainland without stopping off in Ship Bottom for one of Woodies infamous shack burgers.  If I close my eyes I can still recall the narcotic taste of fried pickles and grilled onions – not to mention the beautifully warm sensation of beef juice as it dribbles down my arm.


harvey cedars, nj: mail call


long beach island, nj: world’s away

If there’s anything more sublime than rolling out of bed and diving head-first into salty seawater, can someone please alert me? A few days on Long Beach Island with friends this weekend was the perfect palliative to the grief and grind of life on the grid. Sometimes a little change of scene is all it takes to feel utterly transported.


from the archives: leaf peeping

Something happens as soon as the first chill stirs the autumn air. People instinctively reach for sweaters, the scent of cinnamon and cider wafts through the breeze like a narcotic, and everyone succumbs to the intractable pull of a yearly ritual: piling into their cars to go and watch the leaves turn color.

Don’t wait until the last minute, however, or you’ll find yourself up a tree — without a place to stay. As thousands of leaf peepers across the Northeast suddenly realize their time to spend a lazy weekend glimpsing the fall foliage is running out, a desperate, road-clogging migration begins.

Here’s how to savor the few short weeks of tranquility — and nature’s radiant colors — before the crowds arrive. READ MORE.


snapshot: jersey shore


bucket list: 2009 edition – September


Beach Haven Inlet 15x10

LONG BEACH ISLAND:  As a lifelong city boy and confirmed New Yorker, I’d always scoffed at the notion of visiting the Jersey Shore.  (After all, I grew up on the south shore of Long Island,  near to both Fire Island and Jones Beach.) Plus, you know, it’s Joisey for chrissakes!  But when an old college friend and her husband entreated me to spend a weekend at their beach house in Harvey Cedars to see out the end of summer, I buckled.  And now I am eating humble pie – and looking forward to multiple invitations to visit next summer.  I mean, just look at that water and that sunset; New Jersey:  I take it all back!


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