just published: spa couture

You love designer duds, covet a closet full of fashionable shoes and handbags – why would you even think of staying anywhere other than a designer hotel?  That’s exactly the thinking among a handful of the world’s top fashion houses, including Armani, Versace, Bulgari, Missoni, and Moschino, who are boldly taking the idea of lifestyle chic where no hotel and spa has gone before. Haute holidays have arrived. Here’s our peek at the new chic: vacationcouture.

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hotel missoni

Edinburgh’s newest hotel is also its most stylish.  On the historic Royal Mile, Hotel Missoni combines iconic fashion with Italian warmth.  Boldly black and white, with dramatic flourishes of jewel-bright colors, every detail was designed by textile maestro Rosita Missoni herself.  Smack in the heart of the original medieval town, this concept shouldn’t work – but it does; giving credence to the fact that Auld Reekie is a city able to own its historic past without blinding itself to the present – or the future.


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