temple street night market

The Temple Street night market is ordered chaos on a grand scale – and the perfect place to pick up a few irregular bargains. Rows of brightly lit stalls crowd the pavement, hawking an astonishing variety of tchotchkes, gadgets, electronics, luggage, and clothing of dubious provenance. Fortune tellers cluster at the Yau Ma Tei end of the street – as do Chinese opera enthusiasts in search of kindred spirits for their impromptu performances. Busy food stalls open out into come-what-may cafeteria with everything from fresh seafood to hotpot dishes. Absorbing the free-for-all is a memorable, nocturnally fleeting experience. By day it could be any block in Mongkok. Only after sundown does the market spring to life.



safe and sound

The feather in the cap of this grand adventure? The painting which has sat in the house in Ireland for almost two years safely made the journey back with me wrapped in just a bit of brown paper and twine. It not only survived the transatlantic crossing as checked baggage in the hold of the plane but it emerged unscathed as well and is currently on view in my living room. I never would have imagined … Then again it’s really just par for the course –  this summer has been full of days and nights I heretofore never could have imagined.


live blog: found

Update:  my bag was found in Houston and will be here tomorrow.  The company that delivers lost bags performs the service for all of the airlines, so it may arrive at my hotel as late as 11PM, but at least I know it’s coming.

(Strangely, I now feel as though I’ve overpacked)

There a fantastic rooftop pool at my hotel, the Panamericano, with views over the center of the city.  And of course my swimsuit is in Houston.  A search for of a pair of swim trunks proved fruitless, so I thought I would amuse you with a shot of what I eventually attempted to squeeze myself into.  CABJ, or the Boca Juniors, is one of the more famous local soccer teams.  Apparently I was showing a little team spirit along with my tan lines today.


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