bucket list: 2010 – march

ST. LUCIA:  I’ve long been a fan of this tiny Caribbean island’s utter lack of pretense – and gorgeously underpopulated beaches.  Which is probably why I’ve tended to spend any amount of time here within spitting distance of the water.  Escaping the end of the winter, however, I found myself bang between the Pitons at Ladera, the open-air hideaway perched a thousand feet up and flanked by the island’s two towering volcanoes.  The birds-eye views seemed to accentuate the great swathes of rainforest which cover the island and inspired me to trek north, into the deep of the jungle, for a nature lesson and zip-line adventure in the forest canopy.


st. lucia: guest pix

I was going to share a handful of my own photos until photographer Matthew Sandager offered to let me use his.  I give him all the credit – in addition to my thanks – for all of the fantastic images of St. Lucia  you’ll see over the next few days, such as these night-blooming water lilies in the garden pools at Ladera.  Creatures of the night, they unfurl each evening just after sunset to drink the evening dew.


st. lucia: a ladder up to ladera

Just a tease for now – more to come later this week.  But suffice it to say that Ladera – and St. Lucia – did not disappoint.


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