live blog: let the food porn begin!

In anticipation of this trip I haven’t had a carbohydrate in over a week, so let the food porn begin!

Lunch today at L’Uliveto was a simple, intoxicating three-hour affair deserving of a siesta afterward.  Prepare to drool.

tuna tartare

Red tuna tartare with quail egg in an olive crust – scotch egg anyone? – and sweet potato foam.


Cappellacci pasta filled with eggplant smoked cheese and king prawns.

sea bass

Wild sea bass with cuttlefish ink and basmati rice on green tomato cream.

mille feuille

Meringue mille-feuille with raspberries and white chocolate.


live blog: ritorno di roma

lagerfeldReturning to Rome is a little bit like visiting the woman who took my virginity so very long ago.  Mamma Roma was my first European trip away from home; and like all formative firsts, these things have a way of staying with you.  As a student eager to disprove the axiom that every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world, the Eternal City expanded my heart and horizons in way I couldn’t have foreseen.

So it seems strangely appropriate that this morning I was collected at Fiumicino by the beautiful woman above: Marialauro, posing here at the hotel on a settee designed by Lagerfeld, immediately reminded me of a young Anna Magnani.  Coincidence?  I guess we’ll see soon enough.


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