lush life

Did I mention it was hot as Hades in Punta Mita?  And about as humid as Rangoon in the rainy season?  Well the upside to that is lush, sumptuous gardens peppered with dozens of different of palm trees, bananas, passion fruit, and ginger, along with my favorite: a sweet-smelling jasmine which entwines itself inside a prickly hedge and perfumes the air.  Naturally this kind of foliage attracts its share of birds, too – from hummingbirds to oystercatchers to the noisy, comical chacalacas.


st. lucia: guest pix

I was going to share a handful of my own photos until photographer Matthew Sandager offered to let me use his.  I give him all the credit – in addition to my thanks – for all of the fantastic images of St. Lucia  you’ll see over the next few days, such as these night-blooming water lilies in the garden pools at Ladera.  Creatures of the night, they unfurl each evening just after sunset to drink the evening dew.


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