live blog: oia

Oia, pronounced “Ia”, is the most famous of all the small villages of Santorini. It’s also the most picturesque. At the northern crescent tip of the island, Oia is a traditional village of beguiling houses terraced up a hill, narrow laneways, blue-domed churches and sun-bathed verandas all overlooking the Caldera. A world away from the tat-filled, tourist-clogged streets of Fira it’s here in this idealized version of Greece that I understand why so many people feel drawn to Santorini.


live blog: into the volcano

Santorini is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. The croissant-shaped island is dominated by the caldera, a volcanic crater on which the capital of Fira appears perilously perched. Getting there is half the fun. From the small port of Skala visitors have three options to the top: a quick lift in the cable car, a ride on a donkey, or an arduous walk on foot. (I chose the cable car, thank you.) From a vantage point 1,000 feet above the sea the largely pedestrianized town boasts panoramic views over the submerged – yet still very much active –  volcano.


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