smells like me

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve breathed in that fragrant mix of flowers, fruit and tropical Caribbean wood and wished I could somehow capture it and take it home. Just a little something to get me through the dog days of winter. So imagine my excitement at discovering how the Spa at Four Seasons Resorts Nevis  – intoxicating in its own sublime way – has partnered with noted organic alchemist, Ajne, to take those smells a flacon further and create 100% natural, one-of-a-kind perfumes. Typically a customized formula takes weeks or even months to complete – and often costs a small fortune, too. Yet Ajne’s ingenious blending process takes a cool 90-minutes while lounging by the Spa pool or taking in the Nevis sunset, cocktail in hand. To create my bespoke formula a Melangeur, or mixer, administers a quirky computerized fragrance analysis based on Sanskrit chakras, which divide the body into energy centers. Test questions determine fragrance preferences and help find areas of the body and psyche in need of balancing. The Melangeur works like a private scent sherpa, guiding me over the fragrant terrain and assisting me in discovering ingredients ideal to my body chemistry. Working one-on-one she mixes combinations of rare and precious plant oils – some worth their weight in gold. Not only do I walk away with a greater understanding of myself, but the real results are delivered to my room an hour later: a hand-blended smell that is individual and entirely me. And totally Nevis, too.


me & goji

We’ve all heard of custom suits and shirts.  And artisanal foods have been all the rage for years now. But custom artisanal cereal?  Readers, it’s time to dump those boring bran flakes: Me & Goji, the internet’s first custom cereal and granola company, is mixing some of the healthiest, flavor-bursting superfoods from around the globe into breakfast blends wholly designed by – you guessed it – you. Whether just rising and shining or questing for vitality, if you expect the best out of your body, you need to put the best in.  You’ve heard it said a thousand times because it’s true:  breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Me & Goji you can design a functional cereal that satisfies your tastes and nutritional needs.  Think of it as cereal that works.  Gluten-free, wheat-free, raw food?  No  problem. Energy-packed, nutrient-dense, health-enhancing whole foods – you’ve come to the right place.  Start your design with a base cereal, like goji oats, samurai wheat or healthy hoops.  Enhance it with add-ins: flax seed for extra fiber or chocolate chips for extra fun, then toss in a few dried fruits and nuts.  To help you make informed choices you’re given the health benefits and nutritional details of the 60-plus available ingredients at every step.  (Who knew mulberries were such a powerful antioxidant or that pine nuts were nature’s only source of the appetite-suppressing pinoleic acid?) Once you’re done experimenting in the lab, customize your creation’s capsule with a name and add a photo above the nutritional label.  And since I know your dying to know, Michael’s Gladiator Mix is a fiber-packing blend of artisanal cereal base, mulberry, goldenberry, goji berry, pine nut, amaranth, and chia seed. The revolution, people, has been cerealized.


going (bespoke) native

This website started almost a year ago with a post about Howie Nicholsby and 21st Century Kilts, so it seems logical that I would eventually circle back to Howie with a post about what is now my second kilt:  a mossy green tweed that Howie measured me for way back in May.  My first bespoke kilt, we designed it together, adding two detachable front pockets with a reverse pleat, two detachable rear pockets for a wallet and cell phone, and a matching waistcoat with an added ticket pocket.  Best of all is the flash lining, which you can’t see here:  bright orange polka-dotted silk that picks up a faint trace of rust in the tweed.   Conveniently in Edinburgh right now, I was able to swing by the shop and pick it up in person – and get the VAT back, too.  My Kitty librettist joined me and was so taken with it that he took the plunge and bought one off the peg himself.


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