just tweat it (then eat it)

Tweat.it, NYC’s only real-time food truck map, just launched a free iPhone app pin-dropping the current locations of top slingers like Luke’s Lobster, Wafels & Dinges, and The Frying Dutchmen, all the while posting up-to-the-minute specials and “secret discounts” from each vendor’s Twitter feed. (Hopefully trucks have a better understanding of the term “discount” than they do “secret”.) Download the app via iTunes or visit the live website and never miss Taim’s elusive gluten-free falafel or the addictive BBQ of Korean Taco again.



the privilege to pee

Introducing Best Bathroom: an interactive app of bathrooms in the Big Apple.  Step by step directions to the nearest – and nicest – public jax. No internet necessary; cheaper than a latte. Sounds like $1.99 even George Costanza would spring for.


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