May 21, 2024

Led by food columnist John T. Edge, Southern Foodways Alliance is a non-profit cultural organization with an addictive blog that celebrates and shares Southern food traditions. They’ve also been collecting oral histories from BBQ pitmasters, Southern winemakers, bartenders, and farmers for years.  Now thanks to a cool new bit of technology from Broadcastr, stories which used to be housed in an online archive are alive in the places where they were told. Using the free iPhone app, each interview is pinned to a GPS location – making it handy for streaming the lives and legends of the immediate vicinity into your headphones. It’s a DIY audio guide that changes as you move through the world. For the armchair ethnographer (or if you’re just a food whore like me) you can listen to all of SFA’s food stories – like May Walker Archie espousing the virtues of barbecue at New Zion Church in Huntsville, Texas or Leslie Scott of Greenville, Kentucky on the distinctive curing process that goes into Scott Country Hams – on an interactive online map. One thing’s for certain:  it’ll make you hungry for more.

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