May 21, 2024

Time magazine recently posted an interesting story on what could be a burgeoning trend in LGBT travel:  the ultra-gay hotel.  And while there have always been gay-owned and operated guesthouses, inns, and B&B’s, what Brian Gorman, the founder of Lords South Beach Hotel, a recent Art Deco addition that bills itself as the country’s first large-scale, design-driven gay hotel, points out is that the time has come “to take the concept to a far larger scale.” As for Lords, that means working with Out magazine to develop a Concierge App listing top local LGBT hot spots, asking Levi’s to custom-design its gray and white jean uniforms, and preparing to launch their own social network so guests can (really?!?) check one another out.  But hey, that’s SoBe, right? What’s really eye-opening here are the plans for Out NYC, a massive, 90,000-sq.-ft. “urban resort” opening in 2011 close to Times Square (really?!?) and the revelation that LGBT travel pumps $63 billion annually into the domestic economy alone.

Read the full story HERE. (Just be sure to ignore the ridiculous hyperlinks scattered throughout:  “see pictures of the gay-rights movement,” “watch a gay-marriage wedding video.” Come on Time!)

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