June 15, 2024

Road Trip

86305420CM001_Southern_500There’s something uniquely American about a road trip. Setting off on the open highway is part of the national psyche, a rite of passage ingrained in pop culture, from the Beat Generation novel “On the Road” to TV’s “Route 66” to scores of road-trippin’ movies.

Americans are great believers in the notion that there’s something significant to be gained from piling into a car and just driving, preferably with a far-off destination in mind. However, gas isn’t exactly cheap these days, so tackling a Griswold family-style trek across the U.S. isn’t quite an affordable option.

Yet the East Coast has its own Mother Road, too: I-95. Not nearly as celebrated or storied as cross-country routes like the fabled Route 66, I-95 is nevertheless a wonder of the Interstate system. It winds 1,925 miles, from Miami to Houlton, Maine, before joining the Trans-Canada Highway. And it can turn a long weekend into an epic journey, depending on how you slice it.