July 21, 2024

Fun is in the Cards in Atlantic City

alg_acThere’s a quirky kind of nostalgia that permeates Atlantic City. A salty whiff of bygone innocence and modern hype that – much like the taffy pulled along the famous Boardwalk – causes people to wax poetic.

An awful lot of cash has been bet on feeding that nostalgia, too. Casino bigwigs wagered millions that the city’s recent resurgence will not only continue, but grow, despite the country’s current financial woes.

Gleaming new towers shimmer in the South Jersey sun, celebrity chefs are cooking up a storm and the Vegas playbook has been adapted: In a bid to highlight A.C.’s seaside glory, there’s more emphasis on families and fun. To say the place has been spruced up a bit would be an understatement.

And if there can be an upside to the current economic gloom and doom, it’s that a lot of those industry high-rollers are now leveraged to the hilt.