June 17, 2024

There aren’t many powdered substances you can buy by the gram and sniff for pleasure. While staying within the law, that is. Columbian Asparagus, an avant-garde – and tongue-in-cheek – creation from the culinary wunderkinds at London’s Bubble Food, is one of them. Although the recipe remains a closely guarded secret, Bubble Food´s Michael Collins will admit to putting the vegetable through a variety of scientific processes in order to concoct a product that confuses the senses and ignites the imagination in true molecular gastronomy style. “Once inhaled, it delivers a unique sensory experience,” is all Collins would say, giving away little. The low acidity of asparagus makes it one of the few foods suited to this type of treatment. And while the team discovered that it could work a similar magic on both peas and beans, someone wisely decided that a toot of Bean Blow didn’t have quite the same cache as white stalks of Snow White. Yet another uncanny coincidence: Colombian Asparagus costs around $80 per gram. No word, however, on what all those lines of asparagus will do to your septum.

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