July 21, 2024

File under amusing-consumer-research-undertaken-in-a-lame-attempt-to-masquer-ade-product-placement: the average woman over packs her vacation suitcase with 26 extraneous items that will never see the light of day, according to gocompare.com research. One of the secondary dangers of such over-packing, apparently, is that you run the risk of losing even more if your luggage is lost or stolen. (And in case you’re curious, you can compare up to 27 travel insurance providers at gocompare.com should you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls who frequently fall into the categories of luggage loser or victim of theft.) The detailed study – no doubt conducted using copiously inflated insurance claims – found that a woman typically needs 34 separate items for a weeklong break but packs 60 “just in case”. Which means almost half of the contents of her suitcase will remain entirely untouched. Even more frivolous facts: 58 percent of women find it nigh on impossible to keep their luggage within designated weight limits, while 77 percent claim they like to pack extras of everything in case they can’t decide what to wear. Unsurprisingly then, 65 percent usually find it hard to close their suitcase once they have decided what to pack. And yet 42 percent are still planning to go shopping for clothes while on their break. Jeremy Cryer, openly misogynistic – and spectacularly unaware – head of travel at gocompare.com, actually went on record to say: “Women are notoriously bad for making decisions on what to wear day to day, let alone for a seven day break.” My own informal research would advise Cryer to skip the travel cover and just plain duck.

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