May 28, 2024

It was pointed out to me over the weekend that perhaps posting an untested recipe – no matter how amusing – involved a bit of hubris on my part.  Point taken, reader.  So last night I decided to put it to the test, first rubbing sage butter underneath the skin of a five-pound organic chicken. Next, I loaded up a non-stick bundt pan with fingerlings, parsley, and small onions dressed in salt, pepper and olive oil.  Before impaling the chicken I did something the recipe neglected to mention:  laying a piece of foil over the hole to force the drippings back into the well of the pan. It roasted for a little over an hour.  After resting for fifteen minutes on a plate tented with foil it was perfectly tender and succulent.  (Apologies for the lack of an “after” photo – you’ll just have to trust me on this one.)  The potatoes were a little underdone however, so I spread them onto a baking sheet and put  them back into the oven for another  ten minutes.  Straining the collected pan juices, I put them into a saucepan with some white wine and reduced it by half.  Thickened with a little butter and corn starch it turned into a velvety gravy that made a great complement to this lascivious bird.  I am innocent no more.

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