June 21, 2024

American wine master Sheri Sauter Morano – along with experts from the wine-producing regions of Savoy, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, and Bergerac – is hosting one of the more curious wine tastings around:  online.  The hour-long French Wine Webinar happens today at 2PM and is designed around some fabulous wines from the Rhone Valley, Rhone Alps, and Aquitane regions of France. You’ll learn about the regional origins and vineyards, as well as flavors and pairings.  Sounds just like a wine tasting – without the wine.

But go on, give it a sniff.  If it’s any incentive, host Morano is one of only 26 certified Masters of Wine in the US.

Plus at the end, three trivia questions related to wine will be posited.  Try and answer correctly – the winner get two tickets to France, plus a three-night stay.  I’ve got your free pass for signing up right HERE.

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