February 26, 2024

Tomo I is one of the most famous restaurants in Buenos Aires.  Run by two older women for the past forty years, it specializes in porteño gourmet.  Porteño is the name given to residents of Buenos Aires, so to understand the concept of porteño gourmet, you need only look out the window:  Renaissance-style palazzos, Parisian hotels, Spanish conventillas, skyscrapers; the architecture of the city has been influenced by many different styles, yet somehow it combines into a unique and (seemingly) unified whole.  Porteño gourmet is exactly the same – blending traditions of Spain, France, and South America into something unique.  Something that goes beyond the simple term “fusion.”

Today’s lunch was my introduction to what the city has to offer and it set the bar high:  roasted scallops (with the succulent feet still on them!), flash fried calamari with three aioli and shredded brussel sprouts, and a suckling pig so outrageous I even gobbled up the skin.

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