July 19, 2024

One of the problems of traveling internationally with the trusty iPhone is the curse of those nefarious data roaming charges.  Phone companies charge you through the nose for every byte you use, making many of the handy travel apps out there prohibitively expensive if you’re accessing them overseas.  As an experiment, I turned off data roaming and attempted to use Google Maps, which relies on GPS to triangulate position.  Here’s the result:  a blinking locus which showed my exact position and moved as I moved.  The absence of data, however, also meant the comical absence of a map.

The Paris2Go app makes a great alternative.  Only $.99, it includes a fully downloaded map of Paris – it’s large, so you need to connect your phone to the computer to synch it – so I don’t need to waste precious bytes pinpointing my location and I can still zoom in on every nook and cranny of the City of Light.

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