June 17, 2024

There’s a threshold you cross on day three, as the cleanse part of the experience lives up to the promise inherent in its name. Yesterday I couldn’t imagine doing this for more than three days, yet today – despite the intestinal discomfort that comes from three days of spinach, celery, lemon, parsley, beet, carrot, chard, kale, green apple, ginger, and cucumber juices – I almost wish I had signed up for five or even seven days worth of juice because I feel pretty awesome, inhabiting a space somewhere between delirium and euphoria. What’s even stranger is that my food cravings have mostly fallen by the theoretical wayside. I’m like a bromeliad, content to subsist on what the breeze brings. I received an email this morning from Organic Avenue as I have every morning. It begins with an affirmation. For two days I’ve mocked it as hackneyed pap as I downed my shot of chlorophyll, but today I read it with clear eyes: I am Happy, I am Joyous, I am Free. If somebody crossed my field of vision with a basket of warm bread I’d probably tackle them for it, but other than that, yes, I am happy and just a little bit free of the obsessive behavior I continually find myself battling when it comes to food. That alone is cause for celebration.

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