May 27, 2024

Love her or hate her, Eva Peron is as close as this country comes to having a native-born saint.  So when I approached my room at Los Sauces and saw Eva’s name on the door, I knew I was going to have one pretty sweet suite.

A collection of small villas or casitas, Los Sauces is the most luxurious hotel in town, with spectacular views of both the mountains and the Lago Argentina.  It also has some of the friendliest staff of any hotel I’ve visited – and that says something.

Also, the President of Argentina has a house next door.  She and her husband  – the former president – were in town for the Easter holidays, which incidentally caused a back-up on the road from the airport as every vehicle that tried to pass was searched and the contents screened in a mobile roadside x-ray unit. Yet oddly there appeared to be a distinct lack of security around the house itself.  From my balcony I could see right into the President’s sitting room.  I waved a few times but never got a response.

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