June 17, 2024

Oh no, my time in Argentina is coming to an end.

How sweet it has been.

I thought it only appropriate then to dedicate this penultimate posting to a national obsession that I have consumed down here with fervor: dulce de leche, or what we would call caramel.  Cooked milk and sugar in its most basic form, nothing could be simpler.  Nothing could be more delicious either.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack – any time of day is a good time for dulce de leche in Argentina.  Mash up a banana and add a healthy dollop for breakfast.  Or spread it on hot buttered toast.  For elevenses, rip open an alfajore, the addictive chocolate-covered biscuits sandwiched with a layer of dulce de leche.  Try a cubanito with your cortado for an afternoon sugar rush – the cigar-sized wafers filled with dulce de leche are perfect for dunking in Argentina’s answer to the macchiato. And nothing beats a silky slice of flan for dessert – drizzled liberally with dulce de leche and topped with fresh cream, natch.

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