December 5, 2023

The Walk of Game

In a city known for its ribs, Anthony Petrina is something of an anomaly: a bird man. As duckmaster at Memphis’ stately Peabody Hotel, Petrina is responsible for the Peabody ducks, the quintet of waterfowl that parade daily, with great fanfare, from a well-appointed coop to the marble lobby fountain, just as their predecessors have done for the past 80 years. The original duckmaster, Edward Pembroke, served in the role for 50 years and grew to be almost as famous as his birds, appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. The 25-year-old Petrina has been at it for just six months and is still getting used to the attention, which he describes as “strange.” Read the full story HERE.