July 19, 2024

If ever there were an advertisement for the awesome power of the kilt, it would be Edinburgh’s Howie Nicholsby.  Diminutive and dashing – with a flash of the rapscallion about NEWStoreHowieoutsidehim – he’s on a one-man free-balling crusade to bring the kilt into the 21st century.  Actually, make that a two-man crusade:  my conversion from skeptic to skirt-wearer came about with astonishing speed one semi-sober Scottish afternoon in Howie’s company.

Straight men:  you have no idea what you are missing out on.  Apparently all it takes is a couple of pleats and a flash of knee to get lady strangers flirting with you in elevators, at streetlights, and on the subway.  Not being a straight man, I can’t really appreciate the attention – but it’s amusing to think that a garment many men would consider feminine turns out to be as hyper-masculine and full of bravado as a matador’s.

More on the kilt to come – so get ready to drop some trou.

21st Century Kilts

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