June 21, 2024

Hakali is the local Huichol Indian name for nopales, or cactus paddles, which are put to excellent use as the main ingredient in the rejuvenating Hakali Massage at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita.  Developed specifically for the resort’s Spa Apuane – apuane being the native word for healing waters -  the massage incorporates indigenous flora and local massage techniques in conjunction with the nopal paddles to facilitate the flushing of toxins, in addition to deeply re-hydrating the skin.  Perfect after a little too much time in the sun, it’s even better as a prelude to the desiccating flight home.  Better still, do what I did:  take your massage in the small  spa pavilion overlooking the Pacific and let the sounds of the surf carry you away.  Apologies for the resort-issued photograph here  – had Rosa’s magic hands not kneaded me into a puddle of butter I would have remembered to snap my own photo.

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