May 21, 2024

These fascinating images come via the photo blog at the Denver Post.  Taken by photographers employed by the Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information, they are some of the only color photographs which document the effects of the Depression on America’s rural and small town populations. The photographs are now the property of the Library of Congress and were included in a 2006 exhibit titled Bound for Glory: America in Color. See more of them HERE.

The Faro Caudill family eating dinner in their dugout. Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide.

Farm auction. Derby, Connecticut, September 1940. Reproduction from color slide

A store with live fish for sale. Vicinity of Natchitoches, Louisiana, July 1940. Reproduction from color slide.

Distributing surplus commodities. St. Johns, Arizona, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide.

Children stage a patriotic demonstration. Southington, Connecticut, May 1942. Reproduction from color slide

Women workers employed as wipers in the roundhouse having lunch in their rest room, Chicago and Northwest Railway Company. Clinton, Iowa, April 1943. Reproduction from color slide.

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