May 21, 2024

As if I’m not already drooling over the Ipad – or my lack of an Ipad, I should say – The Guardian’s new photography app, Eyewitness, is yet another astounding reason to shell out the bucks already and just commit to it.  The Guardian is one of the few print newspapers in the world with a serious commitment to photography as a journalistic as well as artistic enterprise.  Every day the paper publishes a single two-page photo to be viewed as both a striking work of art and a complex story to be deciphered by the viewer.  But it’s print after all: the resolution varies, the colors are sometime spotty, the newsprint is occasionally sheer.  On the Ipad, the viewing conditions are ideal:  crisp, clean, sharp, vivid, these photos are alive.  By way of example look at this photo here: the sea breaking on Orange Beach, Alabama, more than 90 miles from the BP oil spill.

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