February 24, 2024

This week’s winter weather craving:  meatballs!  Inspired by a piece in Men’s Health of all places, I tried my hand at mixing equal parts veal, pork, and beef with a few eggs, fresh parsley, salt, pepper, lemon zest and pankow instead of the traditional bread crumbs.  Frying them off in batches they held their shape and browned up quite nicely.  But what to do with them now?  Into the pan drippings I tossed a good pound of fresh creminis, a little chicken broth, light cream and flour to thicken.  Five minutes later I had a rich mushroom gravy that banished all thoughts of marinara and spaghetti.  Like meatloaf, I’ve got a feeling that a night in the fridge will only improve things.  Even better:  warmed up over a bed of hot buttered noodles to chase away the arctic chill.

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