July 19, 2024



LONDON:  Wimbledon or Glastonbury?  That was my version of Sophie’s Choice come June.  What turned the tide was a) a friend able to score me tickets for the tennis b) my favorite hotel ever, London’s Athenaeum, had installed a “living wall” by French sculptural botanist Patrick Blanc across its Piccadilly facade and c) it had been a year since I was in London and I was craving a good dose of theater.  Glasto’s 40th anniversary comes around in 2010, so I guess I’ll have to make a point of getting back to London before next June.


MONTREAL:  This city was such a study in contrasts.  How I loved the international jazz festival.  (And the egalitarian free-for-all it embodies is well represented by this photo taken from my hotel room)  But as a city?  Meh.  What a disappointment.

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