April 24, 2024

I got a long overdue birthday package yesterday courtesy of the Royal Mail.  Nothing quite matches the excitement inherent in unraveling a parcel that’s been copiously taped and bundled and shows all the wear and tear of traveling across an ocean.  This particular box did not fail in igniting my imagination:  dented, partially crushed, not only was it pock-marked with random stab wounds,  but the postal tape indicated it was mailed almost eight weeks ago.  No bother, since A: I wasn’t expecting anything fragile; and B: the distressed look only added to the romance and mystery of it all.

I noticed from the outset an Edinburgh return address, which immediately set my expectations high.  So imagine my grin when peeling back the lid I found a pair of brown knee-hi boots and a thick pair of proper kilt socks to go along with them!  A big shout out and thanks to Howie Nicholsby, the creative life force behind 21st Century Kilts, as well as the man who taught me everything I needed to know about kilts.  I’ve already written a bit about Howie and my minor kilt obsession.  In fact, Howie was my first posting on this website and only recently I decided that a return to Edinburgh for a new kilt should be in the cards this year.  It’s killing me that this snowy winter weather is delaying the return of spring, daffodils, and my exposed legs.  Could it be that good things really do come to those who wait?

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