February 26, 2024

Snowmageddon gave me the chance to catch up on some moveigoing, which I must admit has been rather lax as of late.  Thanks to on-demand I didn’t have to leave the couch – or worry about those nasty bedbugs, which have kept me wary of enjoying a proper cinema experience.  High on the list for a long time has been Christopher Nolan’s Inception.  At times perplexing, if not downright confusing, I must bow down to the  creative imagination (and special effects) involved.  Plus, if ever there was an Oscar for outstanding final image in a film this picture would have it in a lock:  the almost imperceptible wobble of Leonardo DiCaprio’s spinning totem was a precis of all that had come before, while simultaneously daring the viewer to question its reality.  More than just a satisfying end to the film, it was a breathtaking cinematic moment for the books.

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