April 23, 2024

One of the side benefits of touring Mansion Chobolobo was the discovery of another interesting product made by Senior Curaçao: alcolado glacial, commonly referred to as “air conditioning in a bottle” among the locals.  I’ll admit I was dubious at first – after all it does have the chemical appearance of floor cleaner, no?  Yet the mix of alcohol, mint, and herbs, has a surprisingly subtle, refreshing smell. Blot it on your skin with your hands or a handkerchief and the alcohol evaporates almost instantly, leaving you with the sensation of a cool breeze wafting across your formerly overheated self.  (Just don’t attempt to use it as aftershave – unless you want to reenact the shaving scene from Home Alone.) It’s hard to imagine the pavement melting in the middle of a New York City winter but I wisely picked up a few bottles in anticipation of the sweltering summer to come.  Come August, if you see me dabbling my neck with hankie you’ll know my secret: air conditioning in a bottle.

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